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The 'Tinfish' series will be on a virtual tour during November2010. This will included reviews, interviews and blogs.

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November  2010

Virtual tour

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Nan Blog Snake Stories Blog The line-up Blog Allison's Mr. Tinfish review


Allison's Mr. Choli review Allison's Cat-biscuit review Allison's Mr. Ginger review Allison's Mr. Vinegar review

Vanessa's Mr. Tinfish review Vanessa's Mr. Choli review Vanessa's Cat-biscuit review Vanessa's Mr. Ginger review Vanessa's Mr. Vinegar review

Carol's Mr. Tinfish review Carol's Mr. Choli review Carol's Cat-biscuit review Carol's Mr. Ginger review Carol's Mr. Vinegar review

Tracee's Mr. Tinfish review Tracee's Mr. Choli review Tracee's Cat-biscuit review Tracee's Mr. Ginger review Tracee's Mr. Vinegar review

Mystee's Mr. Tinfish review Mystee's Mr. Choli review Mystee's Cat-biscuit review Mystee's Mr. Ginger review Mystee's Mr. Vinegar review Melissa's Mr. Tinfish review Cheryl's Mr. Choli review Cheryl's Cat-biscuit review Cheryl's Mr. Ginger review Cheryl's Mr. Vinegar review Abi's Mr. Tinfish review Abi's Mr. Choli review Abi's Cat-biscuit review
Abi's Mr. Ginger review
Abi's Mr. Vinegar review


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