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 Below are some of the quotes from recent reviews of "Mr. Tinfish and the Lighthouse", "Mr. Choli's River Trip", and "Mr. Vinegar and the Frozen Sea".


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                                                    Melissa Cadwell




                                                    Review for The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish



"I'd definately suggest The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish to kids who are interested in the planet and animals!"


"I loved how Chris Wardle made learning about environmentalism easy to understand but didn't dumb it down for kids. I as a grown up still was interested."


"All in all the book was fun. I enjoyed reading about the colony and all the animals that inhabited it. Mr. Tinfish is a cute character and made me smile often."

                      Cheryl Malandrinos




Review for Mr. Choli’s River Trip


"I enjoyed Mr. Choli’s River Trip even better than the first book in the series. New adventures, new characters, and the developing friendships among the residents of Daphne Wood, add to this already engaging and thought provoking series. Again, the reader gets the opportunity to witness how the climate changes have impacted the colony and the ingenuity of the residents working together to solve the problem. The cooperation amongst the characters is truly one of the best parts of these books; teaching readers that working together, they can make a difference. In addition, the prose flowed even more smoothly in this book than in the first, making Mr. Choli’s River Trip an even more exciting adventure in reading.

The cover art on both of these books is downright hilarious. I absolutely love the picture of Mr. Choli with his pipe and magnifying glass. All he needs is a Sherlock Holmes hat. The back cover of both books has color versions of some of the illustrations found inside.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Choli’s River Trip to any youngster interested in environmental issues, those who love animals and nature, and readers who like engaging stories filled with fun and quirky characters. I can’t wait to read the next two books in this series!"

                                                                                   Karen Haney






Review for The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish



"What an interesting book that really deals with a serious issue but does it through the use of some odd little characters and their many adventures. All of them unite to try and find out what is happening where they live. With important and relevant information about animals and the environment, author Chris Wardle presents it in a fun way and makes it easy to understand for children. He does it with respect to children's intelligence and that is one thing that makes it interesting to adults as well. It isn't a "baby book".


The book is fun to read and really good to read to younger children around kindergarten age. Older children can read it on their own but again, story reading together might spark some wonderful and thought provoking discussion with your older child about environmental issues. There aren't many pictures so that is why I believe a person reading to the younger child can bring the story alive for them in the use of their voice and tone. They will love Mr. Tinfish as he is an adorable character. I know I did as well! Kudos to Chris Wardle for this lovely and important children's story!"

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                       Cheryl Malandrinos




Review for Mr. Vinegar and

the Frozen Sea.   Highlights:

"Wardle introduces more new characters in this book. Amazingly, each character is unique and has some type of quirk that will leave an impression on the reader. The creation of these zany characters is definitely Wardle’s strong point.  That the animals have managed to work together for so long for the betterment of everyone, provides young readers an excellent example without being preachy. The illustrations add a special touch to the book."


"I enjoyed the second book in the series better than the first, and this third installment is my favorite. Wardle consistently puts together fun, humorous stories filled with adventure that address the global issue of climate changes in a way that children will enjoy."


"Mr. Vinegar and the Frozen Sea is a delightful read that kids will devour with zest."

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                                                                           Libby Neas




                       Review for The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish



"Delightful with a capitol D:-)

The characters are often quite hilarious. They will remind you of many of the people you know...some are a little kooky, some are know it all's, several are very hard workers,  two or three can be lazy at times, a few are humble, and eccentricities are bountiful... but somehow, they all work together very nicely to the betterment of the community,  and they enrich each others lives!


I found The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish (and Mr. Choli's River Trip) to be like the old Muppet Show...  aimed at children, but the humor is best understood by adults!

I enjoyed them both, and was left wanting more... highest praise indeed!

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                       Cheryl Malandrinos




Review for The lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish



"The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish is an enjoyable first book of what I feel will be an amazing series. While dealing with a serious issue, the reader is pulled in by the quirky characters and their adventures, and will look forward to reading more books by Chris Wardle."


"The expedition to find a new location for the colony, the adventure of moving the entire colony to Daphne Wood, the mystery of the disappearing river, and rescuing the animals from Volcano Island, all combine together to make The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish an engaging and quick read."

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                                                     Abi  Buening




                                                     Review for Mr. Choli's River Trip



These are the cutest easy chapter books...


Animal fans between the ages of 6-12 would probably fall in love with the animals...  


The animals work together to build their community. Each animal has a definite characteristic and role; some more important than others just like in human life. I'm hooked now. I see there are more out in this series; oh, no! my book list is very growing. Children's books just find a way into my heart. I guess it's the teacher in me. Kids need good clean books to read and these books seem to fall into that category.

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                       Tania McCartney



 Review for The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish; Mr. Choli's River Trip; Mr. Vinegar and the Frozen Sea.              


The books of the adventures of Mr. Tinfish and his friends are a series of fantasy novels (where else but in the imagination could a cat, a penguin, a walrus, a parrot and a bear all live together?) that are fun, lighthearted reading for children.


Amongst all the adventure, investigation and loveable characters, they also deal with the more serious topic of climate change. Using animals that talk and strategise together, we see the effects of global warming through the eyes of the creatures it impacts the most.


Survival issues such as food and shelter are raised, giving children the chance to think about the reasons for looking after this planet we all share.


 ......these are lovely, well-written books with an important storyline and characters that children will love.

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